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Al's Profile

Strongest Behaviors:


Proactively connects quickly with others.


Open and sharing.


Enthusiastically persuades and motivated others by considering their point of view.


Socially focuses, generally emphasizes with others.


Intuitive understanding of team cohesion, dynamics and interpersonal relations.


Positive communicator.

Teaches and shares, generally interested in working collaboratively with others to help them.


Friendly and service-oriented.


Drives for the greater good rather rather than his own goals.


Promotes team work by sharing authority.



Al is unassuming, unselfish and has a genuine interest in other people and a strong, intuitive

understanding of them. Outgoing and friendly, he enjoys working with others. His drive is
directed at working with and for others. He derives particular satisfaction for doing things for
others. He can be a particularly effective teacher and communicator of the company's policies,
programs and systems.

Al works at a faster-than-average-pace; he is attentive to details and both quick and accurate in

handling them. He is eager to be sure that things are done exactly right. He will follow-up
carefully and closely when delegating work to others. When it is necessary for him to be critical,
he will attempt to do that in a constructive, supportive manner.

Management Style:


Proactive in bringing the team together to complete work by "the book", within accepted standards


and policies, and on time.



Enthusiastic, outgoing player motivated to work with and through others to achieve the company's





Cautious when delegating; he takes pride in his work and is anxious to do things right; when he
does delegate, his follow-up will be quick, congenial, and constructive, ensuring that procedures
were followed, standards have been met, and his team feels positive about the experience.




Collaborative in approach, eager to gather input from others and values their viewpoints; however


he will ensure his team does not go against the policies of the company.


Keenly interested in the development of others; Al is an enthusiastic coach or trainer; a
conscientious communicator of the vision.



His focus is on the job at hand which he takes very seriously.

Management Strategies:


To have clear, specific description of jobs, with duties, responsibilities, and organizational


relationships clearly defined.

Give others the opportunity to learn everything they need to know about their jobs.
Support and assist management and owners to achieve their goals through their staff.
Respect the work and achievements of others.
Show appreciation for the correct completion of others work.
Allow others to work together and solve their issues with Al's assistance.