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Al's Theory of Constraints (TOC) Experience


 11 years studying, mostly under Eli Goldratt, father of TOC, and his associates at Goldratt Consulting .


 8 years using TOC to re-engineer collision center’s processing systems throughout the entire enterprise. Implemented TOC for nine owners of collision centers with 16 locations.


In 2002, Al and others started to develop the Auto Body SchedulerPlus software for collision center scheduling and management. Since then he purchased the auto body software with his son, Bert Kollinger. Together they have further developed Auto Body SchedulerPlus into the best, most accurate, and easiest to use scheduling system built exclusively for the collision industry. So simple the user inputs a few bits of data and a screen shows a calendar of RED dates, that shows capacity taken and GREEN dates that shows capacity available.


Al's Auto Body - Collision Industry Experience

17 successful years as founder, owner, working manager, sales person, estimator, bodyman, painter, detailer, some accounting, parts ordering and receiving at Kollinger’s.
       • 20 successful years as an absentee owner of Kollinger Auto Body, Inc.
        • Numerous positions in both national and local collision industry organizations.
22 years in various positions in the most respected collision industry 20 Group. Approximately 20 Collision shop owners and managers gather together every three or four months to exchange best practices, listen to speakers, teachers, CEOs from other industries and each other’s financial information in order to identify who is performing at the highest levels and why.